The seven Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home people make when building a home. Congratulations! Building your new home is an exciting event. You worked

1. Finding a Home Builder with … Passion!

Do not make the biggest purchase of your life without doing your homework. If you are ready to build the house of your dreams, you should invest the time to learn more about the home builders in your area. Before you make a final decision on who will build the house of your dreams, investigate. As in any industry, not all professionals are the same. Not all home builders will have the same passion for the project as you do.

“House Builders with Passion” – In every city, there are always some home builders who are so passionate about their art that every home they make up is a “work of art.” Their attention to detail and continuous learning of new ideas for real estate construction ensure that they will always be at the top of their industry. Each home is a “signature piece” that reflects the values of your company.

2. Saving Money On Your Lot? … Maybe Not

when you are saving money on your lot today, you will have to spend those savings tomorrow. Rule number one is … you’re going to buy a lot. This is critical!

On rare occasions, you will find yourself very much. The great location comes at a price. If you are talking to a Home Builder who is promoting one of your lots, make sure you have done your homework and thoroughly scrutinized the other building lots available in the area. Do not make a decision based solely on price. Look at the other homes that are in or will be built near your location. Are they in the same price range? Are there water problems in the area? What are the current and future traffic patterns? What is the surrounding zoning? In what direction does the face meet? What are the current and future schools?

Note: the location is really everything. This is one of those decisions in life when you can not make a mistake. Always, take your investment in the lot seriously; You will never regret this decision.

3. Common Floor Plan and Lost Opportunities

Creating drama is much easier when you build a house from scratch. Within your construction plan, you must design and designate some areas of unique opportunities. This is where you can create drama in your home. You do not need to spend a lot of money here, but you should think about this process. The additional investment for a tray roof, niche, dome roof, dome roof, simple drywall spaces, dramatic meals or large column entry are minimal so they can add to the total market value of your home.

Gather your interior design team when you plan your plan. Your experience from previous designs and gifts to excellent design can offer a collection of ideas to present in your home. This additional step can ensure you do not miss out on many creative opportunities in the design phase.

4. Is Your Custom Floor Plan Marketable and Review Your Plan With An Architect

Custom floor plans are the Pinnacle of Home Building, but make sure that the home of your dreams is marketable in the future. We have all seen plans that were not well thought out, as they should have been. If the plan of the house of your dreams is really unique, I recommend that you discuss your project with an architect. They have the vision of seeing a project from a perspective that is beyond what we can see.

Your project is very important so do not make the extra effort to get a second opinion from an architect. Your floor plan should flow naturally, create opportunities for the drama and be marketable. An architect can see where potential problem areas exist, discover additional areas of opportunity, and suggest options that he may not have considered. Enjoy your valuable insights and ideas while designing the home of your dreams.

5. Lost In My Design Layers, Share A Coffee, With An Interior Designer

Once you have agreed on your plan and have designed your unique spaces or opportunities for drama, the next step is Interior Design. Here you will coordinate all the layers of your interior design project. This can be overwhelming at times. They will include wall colors and mixes, rug style, unique wall finishes, Venetian Italian plaster, imitation finishes or wallpaper.

Your options will include ceiling type and drywall finish, knock style, crow’s feet, orange peel or level 5 flat finish. Your ceiling options can range from texture to an Italian Venetian plaster, can ceiling or a unique Italian finish, superimposing a metal patina effect. Your choice of flooring, tile, marble or wood flooring, wood option, door style, wood trim, lighting decisions, accessory style, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, countertops, granite or marble. All these decisions are difficult. But more importantly, all of these design elements should flow congruently to create a dramatic effect throughout your home.

6. Electrical Decisions and I Wish I Would Have

This should be a priority on the list of regrets for many homeowners. It is so difficult to visualize all the areas where you will have future electrical needs. During the holidays, it can be a receptacle at the landing of the stairs, the front porch or separate separators for outdoor lighting.

Important: Check the stations and review how all areas of your home will be used. Will a room become a future office? Garage receptacle locations, separate light switch for outdoor vacation lights, inlet outlets, deck or outdoor activities, TV / Internet locations, plasma TV wall outlets, ceiling speakers, ( note: the speaker who does not do the place will repent) of the platform speakers, correct location for the main audio equipment, present and future wiring for the speakers in their current and future media locations. Like many of us who are serious about your media room, I recommend that you discuss your project with a home theater specialist. Your experience will ensure that your media room is ready for current and future systems that are not yet in the market.

7. Budget Blues, Not Designating Funds For “The Wow Effect”

Everything in the housing construction process will revolve around the target budget that you have established for your new home. But almost every day, they will face new cost-cutting decisions. Some of these can be difficult to do. Determine which items are high priority and which items are low on your wish list. Everything is more expensive in the future, once it has been built.

This will be an important investment of your time. The best of their professionals is sometimes hard to find. Your schedules are always busy, but keep that. Your passion for your home construction project will appear in your conversation, which will impress you in your willingness to create a dramatic project.

Building “Your Dream Home” is an important goal for most families. They will save for many years before they can finally achieve this dream. But a word of caution, the process of building homes can also be very stressful. Ask anyone who has built everything before, they will echo that feeling. Almost every day, you will be invited to make long-term and sometimes critical design decisions. Your emotions can execute the tactic, from the highest to the lowest, as couples try to negotiate the many Home Construction options.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home , we hope this articles can help you before building your sweet home, So before, you begin the Home Building process, if you are married, we would strongly suggest that you discuss the following rule … “Preferably, over a Glass of Wine and some Great Italian Food.” in lovely night

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