Contemporary Office Design Concepts and Ideas

Contemporary Office Design Concepts and Ideas

Contemporary Office Design Concepts and Ideas

Contemporary Office Design Concepts and Ideas

Productivity is one of the benefits of having an office in London. Motivating the color and design of the office encourages employees to complete their work. In addition, there are specific wall colors that stimulate creativity and concentration. That’s why it’s important to think about the colors of the walls that will be painted on the office wall. But before moving to the office, there are some things you should consider. The new office space is one of them. Find another space suitable for office equipment. You should already have a good interior office design in mind to determine if the new location you are considering requires a lot of work for the project you have in mind. You may have to cut down walls or build some, which may require a lot of work. If you want to save money, choose an office space that already has the amenities and building structure that you can easily modify.

The next step is to determine what type of design is right for your business needs. Do not focus solely on the choice of current designs. Many people make the mistake of choosing an interior office design that is modern but does not represent at all what your business really is. Consider office design as a way of presenting the transactions, principles, and values ​​of your business. Take a look at your office and the people who are coming in already know what you are offering. It’s more than an effective form of advertising. Office equipment should also be timeless. Keep in mind that your office will look like this for many years. Choose a very easy to use design. In case you decide to change some things in a room, you will not have to demolish the walls or completely change the color of the wall to get the new look you want. It should be easily customization so that you can save money in the future. The design should also be attractive and should not be easily seen.

Contemporary Office Design Concepts and Ideas

Consider the needs of your employees by thinking about the best design for your office. Choose a design scheme that really stimulates your creativity and inspires you. It should also be comfortable and convenient to work with. Now that you’re moving into the office and the space has been redesigned and restored, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re going to sell your old office equipment and buy new equipment. Some of your old office furniture and decorations may not work with your new space. In fact, they can be sold to small start-up companies in used furniture stores.

There are many reasons why companies invest in commercial interior designers to make their workplaces more enjoyable and presentable. Companies that adapt to today’s offices are in demand because of the growing need for organizations to improve their work environment and maximize available space. A well-planned office interior design can promote productivity and the positive attitude of staff, despite the daily challenges encountered at work. In turn, the organization will benefit from better quality and quantity of work done by its employees. Good interior design is important for this and more.

Contemporary Office Design Concepts and Ideas

Making Visitors and Clients Feel Welcome and Comfortable

Every business needs to understand that the brand of the company extends even to the offices. It shows how your organization is committed to doing a good job and making your team happy and comfortable. The receiving area may be the only way for the company to make a good impression on a potential customer visiting the office. The design should bring out the table or table and be easily recognizable. Here visitors can be welcome and guided. If a potential customer immediately feels at ease, the company begins to build the idea that they can be trusted. It is now very popular to hire the services of experts in this field to help the company achieve this goal.

Immediate Improvement on the Lighting Inside the Office

A brightly colored office interior will certainly have good lighting. This is important especially since most of the work in an office is done with a computer and inadequate lighting can affect the comfort and even the health of the staff. An interior designer for the office will carefully study and take into account shadows and light that fall into a certain area to reduce the reflection of natural light from windows and lights installed in the workplace. Different types of lighting can also make the room appear smaller or larger, so future planning will depend on what the organization wants to achieve. Even the color of lights can affect people because some can cause headaches easily.

Meeting Areas Become A Conducive Place to Be Creative

A dull and intimidating meeting room might not bring out the best in every employee. Even a client listening to a presentation in a conference room that is cluttered and undecorated might not get a very good impression. On the other hand, a modern and stylish room can bring out creativity and unique ideas from the staff, which in turn the company can enjoy in the long run. Even the client will appreciate the whole experience of sitting down in a long presentation or meeting as long as the environment is comfortable and encourages expression.

Noise Can Be Managed in a Better Way

Office space planning involves the right placement of equipment, furniture and dividers in order to minimise noise where needed. In a call center, for example, interior designers will carry out a design that can give enough privacy in every workstation and ensure that the noise in one area does not affect other much. Although the noise levels in most offices are rarely damaging, some tasks and work activities still need enough concentration that too much noise might interrupt. An effective design that places office equipment such as printers and faxes away from the staff can help prevent noise from affecting the productivity of employees.

Comfort Is Promoted Through the Furniture Selection

Workers’ production may not be as strong as expecting to feel discomfort throughout the day with a rigid office chair. Now that ergonomically designed furniture is popular, most restoration professionals want to use it. In this way, the team can enjoy daily furniture in a more comfortable way by encouraging it to be more productive than ever. The office is far more than a job where the working groups work together. It is a space that tells the story of its brand through design. It is a space that reflects the company’s identity, perception, and attitude towards employees. A well-designed office transforms space simply into a workplace-producing and meaningful space. Some of the important design aspects that will help you give your office a new life are as follows:

Space Format: Effective use of available space is the first step towards achieving attractive and functional office design. Office planning needs to be carefully planned, taking into account the important factors of office work culture. Workstations need to be designed so that they need privacy, personal comfort, co-operation and flexibility. It must promote ease of use in office equipment, colleagues and premises that require employees to perform their duties effectively. However, it is important to ensure that business planning does not seem to interfere, as no one wants to satisfy a boring and annoying job.

Lighting: Lighting is a vital factor that has a huge impact on office space. This makes the office spacious and bright while setting the right atmosphere. The workplace’s interior should, however, be the ideal combination of natural and artificial lighting. Even if there were not many artificial and hard light sources, there should be enough natural light sources such as windows, high ceilings and other openings. Ensuring proper illumination gives employees the ability to work comfortably without any visible effort or discomfort.

Color: Color has a profound effect on any interior design environment, including business offices. It makes room attractive by creating a positive environment. It is also one of the powerful stimulants that arouses people’s feelings and improves your mood. As a result, the office should have a color model that resonates with brand identity and improves mood, motivation, and employee concentration. Ergonomics: Because a person spends a lot of time in the office, it is extremely important to have comfortable seating and office furniture. The lack of proper ergonomics can cause back pain, headaches, eye pain and many other discomforts. Therefore, priority should be given to durable and comfortable chairs and desks.

Biophilic Design: Incorporating nature into the work setting serves as an excellent method to keep employees healthy, refreshing and productive. It also helps to give the feeling of an exterior environment inside the office. Additionally, the office walls can be painted with colours that resemble nature and be decorated with landscape paintings.

Considering all the above design elements will help interior designers to design an attractive and functional corporate space.

Contemporary Office Design Concepts and Ideas

Contemporary Office Design Concepts and Ideas

Important Components Of A Great Office Interior Design

But what are the things you should look into when designing your office? Listed below are the important components of a good interior design for offices:

The Floor Layout

Different activities are accomplished in the workplace daily. Note about comfort and function. Make sure that work tables and other equipment are placed just right for the employees occupying a particular space. You would know that you have a smart floor layout if this allows the smoothest flow of operation.

Interior office design is a lot more complex than interior design for residential projects and in this article I will provide a basic overview of what is involved in the first task of most office interior design projects, the floorplan.

Interior Office design Floorplans

The interior floorplan of an office or layout as it is often called is the first task in planning an office. Spaceplanning as it is often referred to is a specialized skill and not only requires good creative problem solving ability but also specialized knowledge of building standards as well as knowledge of the company’s requirements who will reside there, commonly known as the client or tenant.

The process and aim of the floorplan layout is to achieve a plan that meets all of the companies requirements in terms of how many offices, meeting rooms, storage areas and so forth and also complies with the relevant regulations and standards.

The floorplan will also include designs for many technical and engineering services such as:

Electrical designs for lighting and power, Emergency services designs for exit signs, emergency lighting and evacuation warning systems, Designs for all communications services for phone, and computers, Designs for Fire sprinklers of fire detection systems and also fire hose reels, Designs for Air conditioning, Designs for plumbing services, Designs for security and access control systems

The floorplan will also need to meet some specific standards such as:

Emergency exit or egress compliance to enable safe and fast evacuation in the event of an emergency such as a fire.

The disabilities Discrimination Act or DDA which ensures safe and easy access for persons with a disability such as wheelchair access.

Various Standards applicable to the country which cover standards for Air conditioning, fire services, partitioning and many others.

Any other local authority standards, Building Codes applicable to the country and General Health and Safety standards

Noise Reduction Implements

Soundproof glass windows and walls and other noise reduction features should be implemented. The sound of traffic outside, the click-clicking of women’s high heels on the floor, the conversations going on in a different room, etc are distracting. These sounds can be irritating to workers. Concentration is lost and quality of work is reduced.

Quality of Light

This is very important in any workspace. The quality of light should not strain the eyes. Choose a combination of natural and artificial light sources when designing your office. Natural lighting is eco-friendly and best of all help you save on electricity. Artificial light on the other hand are smart ways to illuminate an area effectively.

Windows and Curtains

Workplaces should not be blinded by darkness. Allow enough sunlight into the office by having enough numbers of windows in appropriate sizes. Big windows will give the room enough illumination and ventilation during the day. When designing, place the windows systematically into the direction of the sun. To control the amount of light coming through the windows, install curtains, shutters, or blinds. These interior pieces are part of the office decoration so make sure that you choose curtains that complement the overall theme.


Wall colours in particular can affect the productivity of employees. To create a calm setting, choose neutral colours for your walls.


Studies show that physical stress can be reduced and body aches are prevented using ergonomic fixtures. Buy ergonomic chairs and tables for your office.

Shelving And Compartments

Aside from the stock room, provide storage for your employees. They usually have a lot of things to keep. To avoid clutter, shelving and compartments are needed to help them organize their things properly.


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