Manufactured Log Homes Are Authentic Log Homes – Custom Log Home Design Ideas

Manufactured Log Homes Are Authentic Log Homes - Custom Log Home Design Ideas

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Manufactured Log Homes Are Authentic Log Homes

Manufactured log homes now there is a concept. Remember the image of a huge conveyor belt in a huge factory where the cabins are built in an assembly line from the first trunk to the top of the chimney, adding this and that along the line to the finished product. A little ‘caricatural, I know, but in general that image and those images that might appear in our minds when we hear about that concept would make the idea unattractive to anyone. So what is the truth about this type of initial registration? Are all the same, pressed by the molds? Real or similar plastic recordings or something? Let’s take a closer look …

Manufactured log homes are really a brilliant choice for anyone who wants to live in a log cabin of their own. They are distinguished in many areas, but above all in three: lower construction costs, faster construction times and design diversity. No, not everyone looks exactly the same and goes through a factory assembly line compressed by cookie cutters. The number of drawings is ample, can be mixed and you can even add your own ideas or your complete project. The “produced” part of everything is in the individual parts, in the records themselves. In wooden houses, as in every cabin, there are different sizes and cuts and shapes that should be made for each piece, based on the nature of the positioning within the entire structure.

If you’re going to have a wooden house, then you should do some homework. Before asking about prices or wooden construction projects, you need to clarify some important things. Here I composed a very simple questionnaire for the most important things you should know before consulting a construction company. If you answer the following questions, you will save a lot of time and time for others. So, take a look at the following questions and discuss your answers with other family members.

Manufactured Log Homes Are Authentic Log Homes - Custom Log Home Design Ideas

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Answer the following questions:

What is the purpose of the new building? (log home, summer house, sauna etc.)
Will the house be used all year round or only during certain seasons?
What is the profile and corners of the new log building? (round log, square log etc.)
Which wood would you prefer for your log house? (cedar, fir, pine etc.)
How many and which rooms should the new building have?
How many floors should the new building have?
What kind of heating system the new log house will have?

There is a big debate in the wood industry about the authenticity of manufactured wooden houses compared to traditional hand-carved wooden houses. Some supporters of the home school cut manually (and usually are experts in custom construction techniques) will argue that a wooden hut built with crushed logs is not a real log of wood. Most of the wooden house owners, who coincidentally have wooden houses, probably would argue otherwise.

Manufactured Log Homes Are Authentic Log Homes - Custom Log Home Design Ideas

So, at this point, one might ask what are the main differences between hand-cut log houses and log houses that are milled or produced. The key difference between hand-cut and machine-cut log houses is that whole logs are used in hand-made log structures. The machine-cut log houses are constructed of material that has been cut, planed and milled to create uniformity between the pieces. Some say that this process eliminates most of the natural characteristics of the disks (which give the character of the record). The hallmark of craft log structures is the use of complete logs to build walls. The truncated structures cut into the machine may have joints on the walls.

In fact, most of the log homes that are built today use trimmed or ground logs. If you had to ask one of the tens of thousands of wooden house owners if their house does not have the character or charm of a hand-cut log cabin, most would laugh hysterically and claim that their wooden house is as rustic, charming and authentic as a hand-cut log cabin.

There are several good reasons to increase the popularity of farm or prefab log homes. Probably the most important one is accessibility. Experienced craftsmen are not cheap. And if you do not want to delete your logs, add them personally and customize all the logs. This is a slow, detailed and expensive job. This construction involves defined costs. In addition, using the full protocol means a premium for logs large enough to do the job.

The current technology has made the milling process much more reproducible and economical. In the end, it’s about personal preferences and budget considerations. And if the budget is a problem, shredded logs can be a very economical alternative. Remember, when guests, friends, and family visit your prefab log cabin, most will say which one is charming and fascinating, and few will realize that it is a pity you did not use the hand-cut logs.


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